LGBT and business: Those who run away from Russia

At the end of 2017, a record number of Russian citizens tried to obtain political asylum in the United States. This has not happened since the beginning of the nineties. According to statistics from the US Citizenship and Immigration Service, 2,644 asylum applications were filed for the year, almost 40% more than, for example, a year earlier. We discussed these figures with Julia Greenberg, an immigration lawyer at Zontlaw. Greenberg said that the attitude of the immigration services towards the Russians because of their political situation in the world has not become worse. The number of immigrants has increased – “in most cases they are victims of corruption in Russia”. Refugee status is requested by a large number of Russians, since it is easier to obtain this document than a residence permit, but it is necessary to provide any evidence of persecution. “Most often, applicants use the State Department’s annual report on human rights violations in Russia,” Greenberg noted.   Recorded interview : Dozhd (Russian: Дождь), also known as TV Rain, is a Russian independent television channel. It is owned by journalist Natalya Sindeyeva. Dozhd focuses on news, discussions, culture, politics, business reports, and documentaries. The channel’s motto is “talk about important things with those who are important to us”. Most Dozhd shows are live broadcasts.  Full version of the link here
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Complete your immigration paperwork using our online software. We make it easy!


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