For the average person, handling one’s U.S. Immigration matters can be an intimidating and uncertain process. This is for good reason because, with no knowledge of Immigration Law or related issues, it is hard to know which form(s) to fill out, which information to provide, and when and how to submit everything. However, by choosing Zontlaw, you will never have to make this important life-changing journey alone. Here at Zontlaw, we provide immigrants and nonimmigrants throughout the country with comprehensive, individualized legal assistance at reasonable costs.   State-of-the-art technology allows our clients to monitor their cases from start to finish; regardless of which service they choose. Our technology also allows us to keep our services affordable, and we even offer flexible payment plans to meet your needs.


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Check your Eligibility, Register, Begin your Forms, Sign & Pay when you’re Ready.

Our innovative online system allows you to figure out exactly which case or immigration benefit you

are likely eligible for, just by answering a few simple questions. After that, our system will allow you to register in our online client portal for free; with the assigned case you’re likely eligible for. You’ll be able to begin working on your case for free, by filling out our easy to understand forms (that become official USCIS forms) automatically, with our software. If you like our system and want to retain us for our Attorney Application Review service, you will be able to sign our representation agreement electronically and make your first payment.

Schedule and have your Initial Consultation with your Attorney

After you have made the minimum payment, you will be prompted to schedule your initial

consultation with your attorney. Your attorney will then contact you on the date and at the time you select. During the Consultation, your attorney will verify that you are indeed eligible for the case our software assigned, and that it is the best option for you. They will then instruct you on how to properly continue to fill out your assigned Immigration Forms, and about any required or recommended supporting documentation for your case type. Your attorney will also seek to address any questions or concerns you may have, about your individual process and petition

Finish completing your Forms, your Attorney Checks your Petition, and you Submit

You will use our innovative software system to continue to fill out the necessary forms for

your case, and any supporting documentation. Then when you have completed everything, your attorney will check your USCIS forms for accuracy, completeness, adherence to USCIS standards and procedures, and any possible ineligibility/inadmissibility grounds that might come up. Your attorney will tell you how best to address any problems with your petition that they observe, and then you will make the necessary and/or recommended changes. If you elected for the add-on service of having your attorney check your supporting documentation, they will also give you feedback on that. Once you have made the proper changes, you will print your petition, sign where indicated, and then send it off to USCIS in the pre-addressed and pre-paid envelope, we provide. From there, you’ll only have to make sure to respond to any ensuing correspondence or requests from USCIS, should there be any.
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Our online tool makes it so easy to complete your immigration paperwork

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Check your Eligibility, Register, Sign (or Schedule a Consultation First).

Begin by answering one of our online Eligibility Quizzes. If all goes well, our software will tentatively

assign you a case. You will then be able to register, create your profile, and request an individualized price quote for your case–all for free. We will get back to you with an individualized price quote shortly. You can then sign our electronic retainer at the quoted price (subject to certain reservations). Or, if you prefer, you can schedule and pay for a consultation, before signing. If you choose to make us your attorneys by signing right away; you will use our secure online system to make your first payment, and then you will still be prompted to schedule a consultation. To ethically and most effectively serve you, our Full Attorney Representation Service always begins with a consultation.

Have your Initial Consultation with your Attorney and let them get to work.

Your attorney will contact you as scheduled, for your consultation. They will verify your eligibility for

the case our software pre-selected, and make sure it is actually the best option for you. Your attorney will detail the steps for handling your specific immigration matter, and render you any necessary and pertinent legal advice. Addressing your questions, and requesting any documents and information that you’ll need you to provide (such as birth certificates), will also be priorities of the consultation. If you did not already retain Zontlaw formally, your attorney will send you a price quote (with the $150 dollar consultation fee deducted from the cost of your representation); after the consultation. You can then formally sign and retain us as your attorneys. After you make your first payment, your attorney will proceed to the next step. If you have already retained us, you’ll make your first payment if you haven’t already (the one after the $150 minimum), and your attorney will automatically proceed to the next step.

Your Attorney Compiles your Case, you Sign, and your Attorney Submits.

Your attorney prepares all necessary USCIS forms and any supporting materials in their power. If

there is supporting documentation that only you as the client have access to (ex: former employer letters), they will tell you exactly what you need to do and provide you with samples, so you can get the correct documentation. Once everything is ready, your attorney will compile your case into a professional legal petition, with a cover letter and a table of contents that will please USCIS and/or the other immigration authorities. They will check everything again, and send it to you to print and sign, via our secure online system. You will print and sign your completed case, and mail it to us in the envelope we provide. Your attorney will verify that you signed in the correct places, and they will send it off to the correct USCIS Dropbox, processing center, or other authority. It is possible that USCIS or other immigration authorities may request additional documentation/clarification regarding your petition. Your attorney will handle any such requests, communicating with you as required.
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Our online tool makes it so easy to complete your immigration paperwork

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With more than a decade in the field, Igor Litvak has earned a reputation as a highly successful immigration attorney. Since 2012, he has represented countless corporate and individual clients in complex matters ranging from removal (deportation) to asylum, family, business, and investor petitions, and employment-based cases.

Authorized to practice in immigrant courts throughout the United States, Mr. Litvak is licensed in the state of New York and New Jersey and may also appear before the 2nd, 3rd, and 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, U.S. District Courts for the Southern, Northern, and Eastern districts of New York, and the New York Supreme Court. Mr. Litvak takes pride in helping clients who have been unable to get satisfactory results elsewhere. His honesty and compassion, combined with his expertise and vast knowledge of immigration law make him a formidable opponent in court – resulting in a long list of satisfied clients and positive referrals.

Outside of court, Mr. Litvak often devotes his spare time to participation in local events and to his family. Mr. Litvak lives in Brooklyn, New York. He was born in Vorkuta, Russian Federation, a small city located north of the Arctic Circle, and lived there until he came to the United States at the age of 14 – he speaks fluent Russian. Since he was quite young, he had a strong sense of justice and a desire to advocate for others, so becoming an attorney was a natural, lifelong dream.

Leonard Gendelberg – of Counsel

Mr. Gendelberg immigrated to New York from Kyiv, Ukraine in 1979 together with his family and has firsthand knowledge of the issues faced by immigrants. He graduated from SUNY Empire State College in New York with a Bachelor of Science Degree in 2004 and from Hofstra University School of Law in New York with a Concentration in Civil Litigation in 2008.  Mr. Gendelberg is admitted to the District of Columbia Court of Appeals, U.S. District & Bankruptcy Courts for the District of Columbia, and the United States Court of Appeals District of Columbia Circuit.  He is a member of the American Bar Association, American Immigration Lawyers Association, Federal Bar Association, The Bar Association of the District of Columbia, and Law Fraternity of Phi Alpha Delta. Mr. Gendelberg is driven by a passion for helping immigrants and is committed to handling both family and business immigration matters.

Vadim Shestakov

Mr. Shestakov graduated from one of the top Law Schools in the country, Northwestern University, School of Law, with a Master’s Degree in Law in 1999.  In 2000, he was admitted to practice law in New York State.

Vadim Shestakov is an extraordinary attorney who has been practicing law for more than sixteen years, specializing in motion and appellate practice. Mr. Shestakov has been involved in many high-profile Federal and New York State cases, ranging from the New York State Supreme Court to the New York State Court of Appeals and up to the Supreme Court of the United States.  Mr. Shestakov prevailed in countless motions and appeals, including many seminal decisions throughout the country. During his work in a boutique White-Collar Law Firm for more than a decade Mr. Shestakov became a top-notch New York attorney who learned how to successfully represent the most demanding, high-profile clients.

Daniel Kron

Daniel Kron, Esq. is a prominent litigation attorney who has successfully represented clients in countless immigration matters, including asylum, removal defense, family reunification, business, and investor visas.

Mr. Kron attended the University of Miami where he earned his Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance and Economics. He graduated from Syracuse University College of Law and earned his J.D. in 2006. Throughout his studies, Mr. Kron interned with a prominent attorney Robert Barrar and the late Ellis Rubin. Mr. Kron worked alongside Mr. Rubin as he successfully defended a father charged with manslaughter resulting from feeding his newborn an exclusively raw/vegan diet. The father was ultimately acquitted of all charges.

Mr. Kron firmly believes in investing as much time as necessary to put each client’s mind at ease. With a focus on quality rather than quantity, Mr. Kron will tend to your legal needs with the same attention and precision he utilizes while piloting aircraft.

Anna Cernei

Mrs. Anna Cernei is an extremely passionate individual, whose dedicated job is assisting our clients. An immigrant himself, Mrs. Cernei understands the anxieties and needs of our clients better than anyone. It’s her job to serve as a liaison between clients and our attorneys and to make our clients comfortable. Mrs. Cernei is very well-versed in immigration procedures and has successfully assisted our attorneys and clients in completing countless forms. In addition, Mrs. Cernei’s primary responsibility is to ensure that our dedicated software solutions are functioning correctly at all times and that our clients can access and use them. Mrs. Cernei’s assistance is essential to our successful legal practice, and she is a vital member of our team. In her spare time, she devotes herself to family, she also loves watching movies, hiking, and traveling.

Our online tool makes it easy to complete your immigration paperwork


Why choose us?

Immigrants seeking U.S. citizenship often face overwhelming, but not insurmountable challenges. In order to overcome them, it is essential to secure dedicated legal assistance from an experienced immigration attorney who is capable of taking on even the toughest cases. That is exactly what we aim to deliver to each and every client. But it is not all. We are also dedicated to providing the individualized and personal attention that each client deserves–and all at affordable rates.

How is Zontlaw different from other law firms?

What separates us from our competitors is our philosophy that not only is every case unique, but so is every client. This is reflected in our willingness to go the extra mile for our clients. In addition to assessing your legal needs, we will also assess your individual and personal needs. We want to reduce your stress as much as we can and make our clients as comfortable as possible with the status of their immigration matters. 

Our philosophy is reflected at every stage of our representation. From the initial consultation and throughout our thorough analysis and preparation of your case file and supporting documentation, until we need to fight for you in the courtroom; should it come to that. We are willing to go there with you, support you, and communicate at all times about your status and our strategies for your personalized representation. One should never be left in the dark to worry about the status of their legal matter, or left with unanswered questions by their attorney. We aim to please and that’s exactly what we do.  

What are the Attorney Services that Zontlaw offers?

We are a full-service immigration law firm located in New York City, that proudly serves clients in all 50 States. Zontlaw Legal Services offers clients, fixed-fee legal services provided by licensed Attorneys. We utilize our own innovative, easy-to-use, and secure, online case management system, to provide: convenient, affordable, and effective legal services to our clients. Depending on your individual circumstances and the complexity of your case–which our easy and short online quizzes will help determine for you, we will direct you to the best options available for your individualized representation. Principally, we have three pathways that our clients and attorneys will pursue, depending on the complexity of the individual case, the client’s budget, and the amount of time the client wishes to put into their own immigration case. 1. Full Attorney Representation:  We provide traditional start-to-finish immigration legal services, with direct Attorney-to-client communication every step of the way; for all kinds of immigration petitions and benefits. This option is always available, and we will be very happy to represent you to the fullest extent; fairly, effectively, and zealously. This option is typically appropriate for more complex cases, as well as for our busier clients who wish to be less involved with their petitions. Because it is more work for our attorneys, this option will be more expensive. However, Full Attorney Representation might be the best and only option, if your case is very complex. Don’t worry about making that decision, however, because we will always let you know if we believe that Full Attorney Representation is necessary to effectively represent your interests. *For a full and detailed explanation of this service, please visit our How our Legal Services Work page.* 2. Attorney Application Review Service:  This option is more cost-effective for the client than Full Attorney Representation, and it enables the client to do their own Immigration petitions and applications. You will use our easy-to-use, online platform to fill out your USCIS petition and the required and recommended supporting documentation; all along while having the peace of mind that your USCIS petition will be carefully checked by one of our licensed attorneys, for accuracy and completeness.  Our attorneys will tell you if changes need to be made, and provide feedback on where and what to change. In this way, you can do much of the work yourself, save some money, and have the reassurance that you have done your petition correctly. This option will typically be available when your case is relatively straightforward, and we will always let you know if we believe that you’re a good candidate for this service. Additionally, for an added fee, you can elect to have your attorney review and provide feedback on your supporting documentation, as well. About our revolutionary and easy-to-use Immigration Software Platform: The software platform enables clients and attorneys the ability to complete most client-eligible USCIS immigration petitions–and the required supporting documentation, with ease and certainty. It takes the confusing and difficult-to-understand USCIS petitions and distills them down into easy-to-use forms, with step-by-step instructions, simple questions for the user to input, and real-time feedback as you go. As you fill in the information, the system only gets smarter and starts working for you. You will quickly notice that your name and biographical data that you previously entered, will be automatically filled in where required, on other parts of the form. In the end, you’ll have a real USCIS immigration petition, on their official form(s), without ever having to fill out a  confusing USCIS petition. You’ll also breathe easy as the data you input will be checked by the software system itself; and at the end, manually by a licensed attorney for completeness and accuracy. *For a full and detailed explanation of this service, please visit our How our Legal Services Work page.* 3. Phone Consultations Service: Schedule a phone consultation with one of our experienced attorneys. This service is a standalone fee of $150 dollars and we will set aside brief but ample time, to fully discuss your immigration situation and to help you move forward with confidence. If you decide to pursue either our Full Attorney Representation option or our Attorney Application Review service after your consultation, we will apply (subtract) your $150 dollar phone consultation fee towards the price of either service. It is our aim to please, make our clients comfortable, and always find them the best option. Schedule your consultation today.

Are Zontlaw Attorney Services prices competitive?

Zontlaw is committed to providing you with the best immigration representation at affordable prices. We as a firm utilize our own unique proprietary software to manage our client’s cases. What this really means for our clients is that we are able to handle cases for less than many other firms, because we have put in the time to automate much of our work. This means that not only can we provide savings to our clients, but we can spend more of our attorney’s precious hours double-checking to make sure your petition is done properly.

Can I handle Immigration Issues myself?

In most cases, the answer is, “no.” Immigration law is complicated and there is a lot at stake for you and/or your family. So even a simple mistake, like filling out the wrong form, omitting important information, forgetting to sign a form, or missing a deadline can have very serious consequences. However, common errors that can result in lengthy delays or application denials are easily avoided with the help of a qualified attorney.

Can a paralegal or someone else help me?

For every immigrant seeking officially recognized U.S. citizenship or residency, there are countless businesses and organizations offering help. While some of these offers are legitimate, many are not. Trying to figure out which ones can be overwhelming, confusing, and expensive. In reality, an experienced immigration lawyer is the only person who can provide the comprehensive legal assistance necessary to help you achieve your goals.

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Джума Мыратгелдиев
Джума Мыратгелдиев
Great attorney, easy to work with, highly recommend, my case was dismissed Thank you so much Igor LITVAK
Really helpful good lawyer
Nida Kumar
Nida Kumar
Mr. Igor is one of the best lawyer, I have ever met. He had been so kind and full of understanding. Had a privilege to hire him to represent us in federal court. And he did everything possible, to get us out of the trouble. A true man of words. Highly recommended.
Alexandra Dordzhieva
Alexandra Dordzhieva
Good lawyer, helped us in a case
Karl Mukaz
Karl Mukaz
Had the best experience with Igor! Fast, reliable and professional! Highly recommend!
Jekaterina Shapovalova
Jekaterina Shapovalova
Igor Litvak is an outstanding lawyer in New York, and I am beyond impressed with his level of professionalism and expertise. I recently had the privilege of working with him on a complex legal matter, and his knowledge, dedication, and attention to detail were simply unparalleled. From our initial consultation to the resolution of my case, Mr. Litvak went above and beyond to ensure that I understood all aspects of the legal process and was always kept up to date on the status of my case. He provided sound advice, was always available to answer any questions, and took a personalized approach to my legal needs. Mr. Litvak is not only a brilliant attorney, but he is also an exceptional communicator and an empathetic advocate. He is a true professional who genuinely cares about his clients and their well-being, and I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of legal services. If you want an attorney who is not only knowledgeable, but also compassionate, diligent, and committed to achieving the best possible outcome for his clients, then look no further than Mr. Litvak. He is simply the best.
renier valle
renier valle
A very good attorney, I highly recommand him, i had a major criminal case which he resolved with no record. Just a great attorney.
The best attorney you can get, he will fight for you like he did for me, he was also very detailed on the case and always answering his call, you actually get to have his cell phone. Highly recommended.
lady jackey
lady jackey
Very reliable, and friendly staff, they were very patient with me throughout my vwa case It was a pleasure working with them
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