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You may become a citizen at birth or after birth depending on which requirements you meet.
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The process of becoming a U.S. citizen is called naturalization. In order to be eligible for naturalization, you must first meet certain requirements required by U.S. immigration law.
No matter where you were born, you may already be a United States citizen if at least one of your parents was a citizen at the time of your birth. You might also be a citizen through “derivation,” through a combination of your parent and grandparent. In these situations, you must meet additional requirements before receiving a certificate of citizenship.
You may replace a lost or damaged naturalization certificate simply by submitting an application and paying a fee. If the USCIS put incorrect information on your certificate, you may request a replacement certificate without having to pay any fees. Finally, you may submit a request to change your name or gender on a naturalization certificate due to marriage or divorce, or based on a state court order.

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