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  • Zontlaw offers various Legal Services, in order to best meet the complex and differing immigration needs of each individual client.
  • Prepared by our experienced attorneys, our Eligibility Quizzes will help you to identify your best U.S. Immigration options, based on: your background, preferences, and legal eligibility.
  • Our innovative online system will help you to manage and supervise your immigration matter from start to finish, regardless of which of our legal services you select.



Our Attorney Application Review service allows you to do much of your immigration petition yourself, save some money, and have the peace of mind that your work will be carefully checked by a licensed and knowledgeable Immigration Attorney. This is normally a 6-step process. Here’s how it typically works:

1. Check your Eligibility

Answer a detailed set of questions (one of our Eligibility Quizzes), to determine the appropriate immigration benefit or petition that you are likely eligible for. Once you finish the Eligibility Quiz, you will hopefully be assigned a case type,* as well as the specific form(s) you will need to complete.

*Don’t worry if our software isn’t able to assign you a case/benefit. While it may possibly mean that you’re ineligible for the immigration benefit sought/desired, we offer a low-cost consultation service that can help you to determine what your best options are.

2. Register for Free and begin to Complete your Forms

Registration to get started with our Attorney Application Review service is free. You can even begin to fill out our customized and easy-to-understand forms–for free. If you don’t like it, or if you do not feel comfortable with the service, you can quit at any time.

3. Sign our Online Retainer, Make an Easy Online Payment, and Schedule your Initial Consultation

Our system allows you to easily contract with our attorneys, and our online software allows you to securely pay and communicate easily with your attorney, on your terms. When you decide to retain your Zontlaw Attorney, for our Attorney Application Review service, you will have to make a payment. You can pay for your contracted service in full, or make scheduled payments. The first payment you decide to make, however, will have to be a minimum of at least $150 dollars. With that payment, you will be prompted to schedule your initial Attorney Consultation.

4. Attorney Reviews your Answers to the Eligibility Quiz and Contacts you by Phone for your Scheduled Initial Consultation

Before this consultation, your Immigration Attorney will review the information from the questions you answered, and then call you on the date and time you selected for your initial consultation. During this consultation, the attorney will first ask you some additional questions to verify that our software indeed selected the most appropriate, and best Immigration case for you; and that you’re indeed likely eligible for the case assigned, without the need to pursue waivers of ineligibility/inadmissibility. Although unlikely, if for some reason our software selected the wrong case, or if you tell your attorney facts that likely make you eligible for a better immigration benefit or petition, your attorney can help to re-assign the correct/better immigration case and attorney service; if you choose. If it was our software that made an error, you can elect to have your money refunded, if you decide not to continue with our services. If during the consultation, you disclose facts that make your case harder (such as the need to pursue waivers of ineligibility/inadmissibility grounds), the attorney will discuss your options and possible added costs, for pursuing the necessary waivers with you.

Assuming that you have been assigned the correct case, and nothing that you tell the attorney makes them question your likely eligibility for the assigned immigration case/benefit, the consultation will proceed. Your attorney will then instruct you on how to continue to fill out your assigned immigration forms and on any required or recommended supporting documentation. After, and as part of your initial consultation, you will receive a list of any required or recommended supporting documentation–specific to your case type, to submit along with your USCIS application. You will also receive some examples of how to prepare the supporting documentation. If you decide that you want your attorney to ultimately review your supporting documentation, in addition to your official USCIS form(s), your attorney will instruct you on additional costs and procedures for that added service. The other important goal of the initial consultation is for your attorney to do their best to make you feel as comfortable as possible with the whole process, by addressing any concerns and questions you may have.

5. Finish Completing your Forms, and Submit your Completed Form(s) and/or Supporting Documentation to your Attorney, for Review and Feedback

Your Immigration Attorney will review your completed forms for accuracy, completeness, adherence to USCIS standards and procedures for your form type(s), and any possible ineligibility grounds that come up from your answers (although unlikely at this stage). Your attorney will then contact you with customized instructions regarding any: incomplete or unanswered questions on your USCIS form(s), any inappropriate or incorrect responses (for example, you answered something in the wrong place), formatting or errors with adhering to USCIS standards and procedures for your form type(s), and any ineligibility grounds that come up from your answers. The attorney will tell you how to fix any problems; or in the unlikely event that one of your answers triggers a possible immigration ineligibility or inadmissibility ground, how best to proceed (such as pursuing waivers, etc.). If you elected for the added-on service of having your attorney review your required and recommended supporting documentation, the attorney will review your submitted documentation and provide feedback on what, and where, you (or the other authors in some cases–think recommendation letters), should make changes.  

6. You will Make the Recommended Changes, Sign your Form(s), and Submit your Form(s) and Supporting Documentation to USCIS

After your attorney has given you feedback on where and what to change, you will simply have to make the necessary changes, sign your form(s), and send your form(s) and supporting documentation to USCIS (or other immigration authorities) in the envelope we provide. From there, all that’s left to do is for you to make sure that you respond to any ensuing correspondence or requests by USCIS, should there be any.

Note: Government filing fees are not included in the cost of our Attorney Application Review service. If your situation requires filing fees, you will pay those directly to the government, but your attorney will of course help you to pay those fees correctly.


Depending on the complexity of your case, you may not be a candidate for our Attorney Application Review service. Or, perhaps, you would rather let one of our experienced Immigration Attorneys handle your entire immigration legal matter from start to finish. As with most law firms, at Zontlaw we are proud to offer this service. Our attorneys will be more than happy to handle your legal matter in its entirety because we know how stressful dealing with USCIS and other immigration authorities can be. Rest assured knowing that your case is in the hands of experts.

1. Check your Eligibility, Register, Sign (or Schedule a Consultation First)

As with our Attorney Application Review service, unless you come to us by way of referral, you will typically begin the process of Full Attorney Representation by answering one of our detailed Eligibility Quizzes. This helps us to determine the appropriate immigration benefit or petition that you are likely eligible for; so that we can best serve you in the most efficient way possible. If all goes well, our software will determine that you’re likely eligible for a specific Immigration Case or benefit. The software will then tentatively assign you a case, telling you the lowest possible price we offer for your assigned case type.* From there, you’ll be prompted to register for free in our confidential and innovative online client system. Once you create your profile, you’ll be able to request an individualized price quote, for your individualized representation. A member of our team will review your quiz results within 2 business days (most likely sooner), and an individualized price quote will be sent to you through our online system. If there are no adverse factors evident from your quiz results, you will likely be quoted the estimated price you have already seen, for your assigned case type.

After you receive your price quote via our online system, you will have two options. 1) You can sign our electronic retainer at the quoted price (with the validity of the retainer, and the price, subject to no adverse or unusual factors coming up in your initial consultation). Or, 2) if you do not yet feel comfortable signing our retainer agreement and employing us as your attorneys, you can schedule a consultation.

If you choose the first option, and decide to sign our electronic retainer at the quoted price (again with the validity of the retainer and the contracted price, subject to no adverse or unusual factors coming up in your initial consultation), then you will electronically sign our online Representation Agreement. Thus, you will have formally agreed to make us your legal representatives, in writing, by signing our Agreement (a contract). Then, when you feel ready, you can log into our system and make your first payment towards the total price of your representation; using our secure online system. You will have to pay a minimum non-refundable amount of $150 dollars. You can choose to pay more initially if you would like, however after you make that first $150 dollar payment, you will be prompted to schedule your consultation. To ethically and most effectively serve you, our Full Attorney Representation Service always begins with a consultation.

If you are not quite ready to retain us as your attorneys, after receiving your price quote, you will have the option to schedule a consultation. To do so, you will click the “Schedule my Consultation” button, and our software will allow you to pick a date, time, and phone number you can be reached, for your consultation. You will be instructed to pay the $150 dollar consultation fee–via our online system, at most, 24 hours before and in advance of the scheduled consultation time. If you don’t pay before the scheduled consultation date and time, your consultation will be canceled. If you pay for your consultation before the scheduled time, but not 24 hours or more in advance of the scheduled time, your attorney may have to reschedule your consultation (depending on their availability). The $150 dollar consultation fee is non-refundable, but in the event that you decide to formally contract with Zontlaw to be your attorney, we will credit (subtract) the $150 dollar consultation free from the overall price of your representation. Thus, if your case is $1000 dollars for Full Attorney Representation, it would then only be $850 dollars–for example. If after the consultation, you decide to retain us as your attorneys, we will send you a newly updated price and agreement, and allow you to sign our agreement electronically.

*Don’t worry if our software isn’t able to assign you a case/benefit. While it may possibly mean that you’re ineligible for the immigration benefit sought/desired, we offer a low-cost consultation service that can help you to determine what your best options are.

2. Have your Initial Consultation with your Attorney and let them get to work

Regardless of how you choose to proceed, the first step will be to have your consultation with an experienced Zontlaw Immigration Attorney. Your consultation attorney will call you on the date and at the time agreed upon, for your initial consultation. Your attorney’s first job during the consultation will be to ask you some additional questions to verify that you are indeed eligible for the case/benefit our software pre-selected for you; and to make sure, that this case/benefit is actually the best case and immigration option for you. It is possible that your attorney will decide that you may be a candidate for a better, (or different) immigration option, than the one our system selected for you. If this happens, your attorney will let you know, and they can then help you to switch your assigned case to that other option; if you choose to do so. Assuming that our software has assigned the correct and best immigration case for you, without the need to pursue a waiver(s) of ineligibility/inadmissibility (in which case the attorney will discuss those options and possible added costs with you), then the consultation will proceed. The rest of the consultation will then be devoted to your attorney detailing to you the steps they are going to take to handle your specific immigration legal matter, as well as rendering any necessary and pertinent legal advice to you that is specific to your situation. Addressing your specific questions–so that you may feel as comfortable as possible with the process, and your attorney requesting or telling you about any documents and information that you will need to provide (such as birth certificates), will also be priorities of the initial consultation.

If you have not already retained Zontlaw formally (meaning you have just paid for the consultation), then the attorney will send you a price quote and agreement (that reflects the $150 dollar consultation price subtracted from the overall cost of your representation); shortly after your consultation. You will then have the option to formally sign and retain us as your attorneys, using our secure online system. Once you make this decision, and you make your first payment (the one after the consultation fee), your attorney will proceed to the next step. If you have already retained us as your attorneys, and you have made the first payment for your representation (the one after the $150 minimum), your attorney will automatically proceed to the next step.

3. Your Attorney Compiles your Case, you Sign, and your Attorney Submits

Your attorney should have the necessary information they will need in order to get started after your initial consultation, and they will begin to prepare your case. They will prepare all of the necessary USCIS forms and any supporting arguments/briefs/waivers that are in their power to prepare. Where the client has ultimate responsibility for providing any necessary supporting documentation (think identification documents), your attorney will work directly with you to tell you exactly what you need to do and provide. And if necessary, they will provide you with sample documents so that you can get the correct documentation, the first time. Once everything is together, your attorney will gather all the documents and information required (the completed USCIS forms, the supporting documentation, etc.,), and compile your case into a professional petition, with a cover letter and table of contents, that complies with the legal requirements and that will make the immigration authorities happy. From there, they will check over everything once more, before sending it to you to print and sign–via our secure online system.

After you have received your completed case via our secure online system, you will print it. We will indicate to you, exactly where and what you need to sign. After you sign it, you will mail it to us in the pre-addressed and paid, envelope we provide. Once your attorney receives your signed petition, they will verify that you have indeed signed it in the correct places, and they will send it off to the correct USCIS Dropbox, other immigration authority, or processing center for processing. From there, after receipt, it is possible that USCIS or another immigration authority may request additional documentation, or clarification, regarding your petition. Your attorney will then handle any such requests, communicating with you as required.

Note: Government filing fees are not included in the cost of Full Attorney Representation. If your situation requires filing fees, you will pay those directly to the government, but your attorney will of course help you to pay those fees correctly.


Take the eligibility quiz to determine the appropriate category for your particular immigration case. Our eligibility quiz has been assembled by experienced immigration attorneys to ensure accuracy. It has also been designed to be user-friendly and simple to understand. In just a few minutes you will be able to find out the exact immigration benefit(s) for which you are eligible. At the conclusion of the quiz, you will be told what form(s) you need to fill out to begin your immigration benefits application.


Once you have taken the eligibility quiz and determined which immigration benefits you are suited for, we will provide you with the proper forms. Our forms are customized to help you completely understand the questions so you can provide accurate and complete answers. When you have completed your form(s) to the best of your ability, submit them for review by an experienced immigration attorney.


An immigration attorney will review your completed form(s). Each field will be carefully checked for completeness and accuracy. You will be contacted if you have left any questions unanswered or if you have given an incorrect or inappropriate answer. You will be instructed on how to correct the mistake and complete your form so that you can submit a successful benefit application to USCIS.


After your form(s) have been reviewed, you will receive customized instructions from an immigration attorney on how you should correct or complete them. These instructions will point out any fields that you skipped or did not answer completely. You will also be provided with the list of supporting documents necessary to submit a successful application to USCIS and a reminder to sign your forms, if you have not already. You will be responsible for mailing your forms to USCIS and dealing with any correspondence or requests from USCIS.


100% Secure

We use the most advanced security measures to protect your personal data and documents. We never release your information to anyone.

Where and what

Personalized Guidance and USCIS Fees and Instructions on where to file, free shipping label to USCIS

Up-to-date Forms

Our experienced immigration professionals check the website content daily to keep up with changes in laws or forms required.

Comprehensive forms

Answer a few simple questions and our innovative system will generate a complete form and ready to be presented

Error Checking

Our team of professionals will check all your answers to make sure that they are accurate, complete, and ready to be submitted

Evidence Checklist

Once you assemble and upload all required documents, we will check if the evidence is correct and will provide a cover letter.

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Джума Мыратгелдиев
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Nida Kumar
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Jekaterina Shapovalova
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renier valle
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lady jackey
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