What does the APPLICATION REVIEW service include?

Nov 2, 2017 | 0 comments

All  of our services include a telephone consultation scheduled with an experienced immigration lawyer within 1 business day of purchase. In this consultation you will receive concrete answers and advice specific to your situation, in order that you may feel as comfortable as possible moving forward.  

The Attorney Application Review Service: Our Attorney Applciation Review service is the least expensive way for our clients to get their immigration applications completed; as our service enables the client to do much of the work themselves. After the initial consultation (described above), you will use our easy to use and secure online software to fill out your petition and any supporting documentation. Then after you have finished, everything that you entered on your application will be carefully and diligently checked by our attorneys for accuracy and completeness. Before you ever file your petition with USCIS, our attorneys will tell you if changes need to be made, and provide the necessary feedback for you to make those changes. Thus, with our Attorney Application Service, you can do much of the work yourself–in turn saving money, and have the reassurance that your application will be done correctly and professionally. This service is not available for all of our clients. It will depend on the complexity of your individual case, but this service is a viable and cost-effective option for many clients. If you’re a candidate for our Attorney Application Review Service, we will let you know based on the information you provide us in your quizes and/or during your initial consultation. 

For more information about our revolutionary and easy to use immigration software platform, please click here. 

Note: Government filing fees are not included. If your situation requires filing fees, you will pay those directly to the government.



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