United States Citizenship comes with many rights and responsibilities. And while U.S. citizenship is the goal of many immigrants, the journey there can seem long and confusing. Sometimes, rules regarding certain immigration benefits and procedures can be changed, leaving applicants even more confused. Follow the USImmigrationForms.com blog to stay on top of all the most current news and tips about applying for U.S. immigration benefits.

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The E-1 Treaty Trader Visa

The three main requirements for this Nonimmigrant Visa are that the company or employee: (1) Is a national, or your business is a national, of one of the 53 countries(and some territories) that are eligible for this visa, ( to see a full list of countries please click here) (2) That you do “substantial trade”, […]

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Do you need an Employment Authorization Document?

First of all, do you even need an Employment Authorization Document to work? Not every category of immigration status holder needs an EAD. For example, if you are a Permanent Resident, you don’t need an EAD because your Permanent Resident Card is proof of your employment authorization. Also, if you work for an employer because […]

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What is the EB-3 Visa?

If you do not find yourself qualified to apply for an EB-1 or EB-2 visa, a third preference, the EB-3 visa, allows certain skilled workers, professionals, and unskilled workers to still potentially qualify for an employment based visa and lawfully reside and work within the United States. So what makes these categories different than the […]

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Becoming a United States Citizen through Naturalization

The process of Naturalization basically requires, meeting one of the various requirements for obtaining Citizenship, and then filing an application for Citizenship with the USCIS. In most cases, an applicant will have to be a Permanent Resident and meet certain residency requirements before naturalizing, but not always. In this article we will explain the most […]

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How Do You Transition to be a Green Card Holder?

The L-1A, L-1B, and H-1B visa are all dual intent visas meaning that they provide an opportunity to adjust your status as an L-1 or H-1B visa holder into a permanent resident and green card holder, by applying for another employment based green card visa.

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Are you already a U.S. Citizen?

It is unlikely, but it is possible that you are a citizen of the United States, and you don’t even know it. If you happen to be however, registering as a Citizen and reaping the benefits of being a U.S. Citizen can be as easy as registering.

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Advance Parole and other Immigration Travel Documents

Have you applied for Lawful Permanent Residency in the United States via an Adjustment of Status petition, but you need to travel abroad and you haven’t yet heard about your decision?

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Do You Want to Transfer to the U.S.?

Transferring within your company is difficult enough, you have to find a new place to live, settle children and pets into new places, and help your spouse find a new job just to name a few possible issues!

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Dealing with a backlogged priority date

If you are a Chinese or Indian national, unfortunately, your application for an EB-2 and EB-3 visa will take longer than applicants from other nationalities.

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How do I change status to have an H-1B ?

The United States Immigration scheme understands that sometimes non-immigrants come to the United States for one purpose, such as to tour the country or to study, but end up wanting to stay and engage in a different activity during their time here. Maybe you get a job offer, or maybe you decide that you want […]

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How does the H-1B Visa process work?

The H-1B Nonimmigrant Visa is a visa that allows individuals to work in what the law calls, “specialty occupations.” What this really means, is that if you have a job offer in the United States for a position that requires you to have a University degree or higher, and the employer normally requires that qualification […]

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Am i eligible for a national interest waiver under the eb-2 visa?

The short answer is maybe. There is a chance that you are still eligible for an employment visa despite not having an employer in the United States under the EB-2 visa category.  The EB-2 visa is generally known to be available to skilled candidates with advanced degrees in a field, or for individuals who have […]

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So You Think You’re Extraordinary?

The EB-1 Visa is for those with extraordinary ability in the “sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics.” To be extraordinary, you must have sustained national or international acclaim with extensive documentation in your field. If you qualify, you can come to the United States without a job offer or an employer. Do you want to […]

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Does the Crime I committed make me ineligible for asylum?

To have committed a crime for purposes of United States Immigration law, you need to have had a final judgement of guilt found against you. Nolo contendere pleas and guilty pleas count as a conviction or “having committed a crime” in the United States for purposes of Immigration Law. Similarly, if you admitted to the […]

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The difference between an Asylum-seeker and a Refugee

So basically, being a refugee is a requirement for both refugee and asylum relief, and it pretty much means that: you are a foreign alien who is outside of your home country or the country where you last lived (if you don’t have a home country), and you are unable or unwilling to return to that […]

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Asylum based on affiliation with a “Particular Social Group”

As you may already know,  one of the fundamental requirements to be eligible for asylum, is that you have either been harmed in some way or you fear future harm in your home country (or country where you last lived–if you do not have a home country). AND,  that this harm is because of something […]

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Political Asylum

Am I eligible to seek asylum because I was harmed or persecuted for my political beliefs? If you are seeking basic information on eligibility for asylum, and you haven’t yet read our article: Who is eligible for Asylum?, We highly encourage you to first read that article before reading this one. Assuming you have already […]

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Who is eligible for Asylum?

The asylum process is a legal process and like many legal processes, it can be complicated. For a foreigner wondering if they are a potential candidate for asylum, it can seem a little overwhelming. The goal of this article is to try to explain who could be eligible for asylum in a simple and easy […]

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