What can I expect to accomplish with the Attorney Services?

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For our ATTORNEY APPLICATION REVIEW SERVICE, you can expect to get clarity and guidance on your issue, validation on your approach, and a roadmap and general timeline to resolution. Your attorney will not fill out your petition for you, but they will make it easy for you to fill out by making our easy to use software platform available to you. More information about our software platform can be found, here. In addition to these services, your attorney will also carefully and diligently check your work to make sure your petition is complete and accurate, and provide feedback on any changes you need to make before you submit. For our FULL ATTORNEY REPRESENTATION SERVICE, you can expect end-to-end support in filing your immigration matter. The attorney will render you advice about your specific situation, prepare and submit all pertinent USCIS and other immigration forms needed for your application (and any required supporting documentation), and generally advocate on your behalf as necessary before the immigration authorities–until an initial decision on your matter is received. Note: Our Full Attorney Representation Service does not cover any appeals or post-decision advocacy, unless that is the specific reason for retaining our services. We will be happy to discuss our representation should an appeal be needed, but that will generally require a second signed retainer agreement and legal fee. ALSO NOTE: FOR ALL OF OUR SERVICES, Zontlaw cannot guarantee any specific legal outcome in your case. We can only make the best legal arguments possible based on the applicable law and facts.



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