if I choose “APPLICATION REVIEW” service?

Nov 2, 2017 | 0 comments

If after taking one of our quizes, it is determined that you are eligible for the Attorney Application Review service, then you will use our easy to use, online platform to fill out your petition and the required supporting documentation–yourself. After you finish, everything you input will be carefully checked by one of our licensed attorneys for accuracy and completeness. The software platform enables clients and attorneys the ability to complete any client-eligible USCIS immigration petition and the required supporting documentation, with ease and certainty. It takes the confusing and difficult to understand USCIS petitions and distills them down into easy to use forms, with step by step instructions,  simple questions for the user to answer, and realtime feedback as you go. As you fill in information, the system only gets  smarter and starts working for you. You’ll quickly notice that your name and biographical data that you previously entered, will be automatically filled-in where required on other parts of the form. In the end, you’ll have a real USCIS immigration petition on their official form, without ever having to fill out a  confusing USCIS petition. You’ll also breathe easy as every single thing you input will be carefully and manually checked by one of our experienced attorneys for completeness and accuracy Before your petition is sent to USCIS, our attorneys will tell you if changes need to be made, and provide feedback on where and what to change.



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